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Netherland Lang en

The Netherlands is a monarchy with a parliamentary system based on constitution. It is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It includes the Netherlands and six islands in the Caribbean Sea.

Aruba and five other islands comprises the Netherlands Antilles. (Curacao and Bonaire are on the coast of Venezuela and Saba, St. Eustatius and St. Martin are located in the southeast of America Virgin Islands. These five islands are supposed to change into an independent political entity dominated by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Therefore, Netherlands Antilles will be dissolved.

The Netherlands in its entirety is often referred to by the much older designation "Holland" , though this refers only toNorth and South Holland. They have a major role in the history of the country. It has been located in the North Sea , Belgium, and Germany.

Amsterdam is the country's capital.It has a population of about750000it is the largest and most important city in the Netherlands. The Hague holds the Dutch seatof government and parliament. The Netherlands is divided into 12 province. Some of the cities are as follows: AssenArnhemHaarlem, North HollandSouth Holland,MaastrichtMiddelburg,LeeuwardenLelystadZwolle,Hague, Utrecht,Flevoland, Limburg, North Brabant, Zeeland, Groningen, Friesland, Drenthe, Gelderland, 's-Hertogenbosch.


Amsterdam, Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht belong to a large central unit called Randstad. ( with a population of around 10 million people/ Two-thirds of the Dutch population). It is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Europe. The main part of population isn’t in four major cities (due to density). It is because of being small and big towns and cities in that area. Urbanization is not a new phenomenon in the Netherlands. Since 1500, half of the Dutch population have lived in cities. Despite vicinity, each city has its own feature.

Amsterdam is considered the Venice of Northern Europe thanks to its historic centers, majestic buildings, museums and unique system of water channels network. So it is highly regarded by tourists. The Hague, Delft, Haarlem, Utrecht, Groningen and Maastricht are also famous for historic places, museums, traditions and attractions. Rotterdam is famous for its remarkable modern architecture.

The Location of Gateway

The Rhine and Copper in the provinces of North and South Holland, due to two major European terminals, play an important role in the economy. Rotterdam is the largest seaport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is one of the largest airports in Europe.

Sea fight

The soil surface of Netherlands is very low. 27 Percent of the Netherlands and sixty60 percent of its population are below sea level. The Netherlands is very flat ground apart from some limited areas in central and south-eastern slopes of the Ardennes. Certain areas of the territory of the Netherlands has developed a system of revived ponds. So it leads to dryness. Ponds are flat land. Ban dabs are connected to them in order to control water surface artificially. Since the 16th century, windmills have been used not only to keep the land dry but also to drain the water into inland lakes.

The unique appearance of the Netherlands consists of several bridges, ban dabs, windmills and unloading stations. harness water in the Delta Project was the turning point in the Netherlands. These dams set to keep safe the two provinces of Zeeland and South Holland from the North Sea. This project began after the disastrous flood of 1953. In 1997, it ended with the completion barrier against water surge caused by the storm at the new floodway. This dam has two adjustable massive gates in order to control 360 meters of water. It leads to immune the population of one million in Rotterdam from risk of flood.

Dutch people

Dutch people, "Nederlanders", are the main inhabitants and dominant nation (81 percent). They are also the tallest people of the world (1.82 meters for men and 1.69 meters for women).Contemporary Dutch are generally nominally Christians (protestant and catholic).Dutch society used to be very sensitive about religious matters. Although the current society is largely secular. There are some traces of an old systems in the media and the educational system. Dutch society is egalitarian, individualistic and modern. Hard work, education, ambition and ability are worthwhile for them.

To make allowance for international interests.

The Netherlands has become a member of a large number of international organizations, most prominently the OECD, NATO and the EU. The States General, the confederal government, were seated in The Hague and consisted of representatives from each of the seven provinces. The Hague is home to over 80 international organizations. Generally, it is active in the field of peace, justice and security. Netherlands hosts five international courts. All of which them are located in the city or around The Hague. The Hague's city council employs a city branding strategy that aims to establish The Hague as the Legal Capital of the World and the International City of Peace and Justice.


The official language is Dutch, which is spoken by the vast majority of the inhabitants (more than 22 million people in Netherlands and Belgium). Almost 60 thousand people speak Dutch in the north west of France. Dutch language in the former Dutch colony of the Netherlands, Suriname, widely used in policy or education. (the same in Aruba and Antilles). In Indonesia, many lawyers speak Dutch due to historical ties. On the other hand, African languages ​​in South Africa is rooted in Dutch. In 1980, Dutch language has been founded by Netherlands and Finland in order to promote Dutch and to write dictation and grammar rules. Besides Dutch, West Frisian is recognized as a second official language in the northern province of Friesland. It is recognized as a mother tongue of 400 thousand people. This language is similar to English and the language of Scandinavian countries.

Universities in the Netherlands:
A: Universities in the Netherlands, group 1 (superior) for all majors

Delft university of technology -1
2Eindhoven universityof Technology
3Erasmus UniversityRoterdam
4Leiden university
5Tilburg university
6Maastricht university(universiteit Maastricht)
7University ofAmsterdam (Universiteit Van Amsterdam)
8University ofGroningen
9Radbound Universityof Nijmegen
10University of Twente
11Utrecht university
12Vrije UniversiteitAmsterdam (Free university Amsterdam)
14Institute of SocialStudies (ISS)
15Open University ofNetherlands
16InternationalAgricultural Centre (Wageningen International, Formerly IAC)
17Institute forHousing and Urban Development Studies (HIS)
18Institute for Plant,Animal and Technology (PTC+)
19InternationalMaritime Transport Academy (STC)
20InternationalInstitute for Geo- information Science and Erth Observation (ITC)
21Royal TropicalInstitute (KIT)
22LarensteinUniversity of Professional Education
23Maastricht School ofManagement (MSM)
24Radio NederlandTraining Center (RNTC)
25Institute for WaterEducation (UNESCO- IHE)

B: Universities and higher education institutions (group 2)

Comprehensive Non-profit universities in undergraduate and graduate has approved. PhD can be possible to evaluate after qualitative study (entrance exam, thesis, paper request)

1KatholiekeTheologische Universiteit te Utrecht
2TheologischeFaculteit Tilburg
3TheologischeUniversiteit van de Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken
4TheologischeUniversiteit van de Gereformeerde Kerken
5TheologischeUniversiteit van de Christelijke Gereformeerde Kerken (vrijg.) Ned.
6TransnationaleUniversiteit Limburg
7Nyenrode BusinessUniversiteit
8University forHumanistics
9Universiteit NimbasGraduate Granduate School of Management

C: Universities and higher education institutions (group 3)

State University of Applied Sciences in undergraduate and graduate

1Amsterdam School ofthe Arts, University of Professional Education
2ArtEZ Institute forthe Arts, University of Professional Education
3AVANS University ofProfessional Education
4CHN University ofProfessional Education
5Codarts, Universityof Professional Arts Education
6De Kempel, Universityof Professional Education, Teacher Training College
7Design AcademyEindhoven, University of Professional Education
8Drenthe University ofApplied Sciences, University of Professional Education
9Driestar ChristianUniversity of Professional Education
10Dronten, Universityof Professional Education, Agricultural
11Ede ChristianUniversity of Applied Sciences, University of Professional Education
12Fontys PedagogicTechnical University of Professional Education
13Fontys University ofProfessional Education
14Gerrit RietveldAcademie, University of Professional Education
15HAN University ofApplied Sciences, University of Professional Education
16Hanze University ofApplied Sciences Groningen, University of Professional Education
17HAS Den BoschUniversity of Professional Education
18Helicon Universityof Professional Education
19HES Amsterdam Schoolof Economics & Business, University of Professional Education
20Hogeschool Domstad,of University of Professional Education, Teacher Training
21Hogeschool De Horst,University of Professional Education
22Hogeschool EdithStein OCT, University of Professional Education, Teacher Training
23Hogeschool Leiden,University of Professional Education
24HOgeschool VanAmsterdam, University of Proffessional Education
25Hogeschool vanUtrecht, University of Professional Education
26Hogeschool Zeeland,University of Applied Sciences, University of Professional Education
27Hogeschool The HagueInternational Institute for Hospitality Management
28INHOLLAND Universityof Applied Sciences, University of Professional Education
29IPABO Amsterdam,University of Professional Education, Teacher Training
30Iselinge, Universityof Professional Education, Teacher Training
31Marnix Academie,University of Professional Education, Teacher Training
32NHL University ofApplied Sciences, University of Professional Education
33NHTV BredaUniversity of Applied Sciences, University of Professional Education
34Reformed Universityof Professional Education Zwolle
35Roman CatholicPrimary Teacher Training College Zwolle, University of Professional Education
36Rotterdam Universityof Professional Education
37Royal Academy ofArt, University of Professional Education
38Saxion University ofApplied Sciences, University of Professional Education
39STOAS, University ofProfessional Education, Teachre Training
40The Hague Universityof Applied Sciences, University of Professional Education
41Utrecht School ofThe Arts, University of Professional Education
42Van Hall Institute/Larenstein, University of Professional Education
43WindesheimUniversity of Professional Education
44Zuyd University ofProfessional Education

D: Universities and higher education institutions (group 4)

Non-profit University of Applied Sciencesand Other higher education centers in the Netherlands- in undergraduate and graduate and after qualitative study (entrance exam, thesis, and paper request)

1HANIO, HANIndividueel Onderwijs
2Hogeschool Thorbecke
3Instituut Brouwer
4Stichting HogerOnderwijs NOVI
5Azusa TheologischeHochschool (in Ducth)
6St AmsterdamseBalletacademie
7The New School forInformation Services
8Stichting HogerOnderwijs voor Bedrijfskundige Informatiekunde
9Stichting opleidingenHoder Ondewijs voor Tolken en Vertalers
10Markus VerbeekOpleidingen Stichting Hoger Onderwijs
11-Hogschool GEO
13HBO Nederland
14Hogschool DirksenB.V.
15Nationale LuchtvaartSchool
16Knowledge Services(IBBB)
17European Universityfor Professional Education
18Hogeschool Schoevers
19Academie voorEurythmie
20InterCollegeBusiness School
21Dutch DeltaUniversity of Professional Education
24Hogeschool DOC
25TMO, Hogeschool voorModemanagement
26Stichting ABCHogeschool Dordrecht en Omstreken
27IVA Driebergen
28De StichsteHogeschool
29Theologische HSvanwege de Gereformeerde Bond 'Johannes Calvijn'
30Stichting Post-Hoger Onderwijs Eindhoven
31Hogeschool Notenboom
33Hogesholen OostNederland
34Hogeschool GorinchemIDE bv
35Christelijkeleergangen op reformatorische grondslag de Driestar
36Hogeschool voorPedagogische en Sociaal- Agogische Onerwijs Groningen
37Hogeshool TIO
38Stichting HogeschoolRens & Rens
39Hogeschool ISBW B.V.
40Stichting NTIHogeschool
41Stichting LOI HogerOnderwijs
42Bourdon Hogeshoolvoor Muziek
43NEA TransportHogeschool
44Hogeschool Praehep
46KBK Hogeschool B.V.
47Hogeschool ThornKreato Muziekacademie
48Instituut voorpsychosynthese
49Stichting StichtseOpleiding Middelbare Akten (SOMA)
50ITV Hogeschool voorTolken en Vertalen
51Stichting NBIHogeschool voor theologie
52EvangelischeTheologische Hogeschool
53Stichting managementopl. Gezondheidszorg Zeeland te Vlissingen
54Stichting HogeschoolWest- Nederland voor Vertaler en Tolk
55Stichting Esperantobij het Onderwijs
56HogesholenManagement Documentaire Informatievoorziening (HMDI)
57De Wittenberg; Chr.Hogeschool en toerustingscentrum
58De Vrije Muziek-Akademie
59Stichting Windesheim
60Hogeshool SchumannAkademie BV
61StichtingReformatoresche Leergangen
62Business SchoolNederland (BSN)
63Hogeschool vanUtrecht, Theo Thijssen Academi
64Pro Education B.V.van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam
65Roosevelt Academy
66Schouten en Nelissen
67StichtingWetenschappelijke opleidingen Twente

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