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lingua Italiana

Italian courses in Sokhan Sarayan Institute.
The official representative of International University of Perugia, Italy.
Registration to attend Italian language classes, Espresso book (level A1 to B1)
Registration of students to participate in an international Italian test(level A1 to C2)
Italian language classes from beginner to advanced based on recent method of University of Perugia.

Holding an international Italian test by University of Perugia (3 times a year) from beginner A1 to advanced C2. You can get more information about exam and its time from Italian school news at the first page of website.

Granting international certificate in Italian(in different levels)
Document issued by the University of Perugia has an international credit. It will be acceptable at all Italian universities and Italian embassy in Tehran.

The best and the most experienced Italian teachers in Isfahan.
Advising students to be familiar with Italian universities and to choose the right university
Selecting desired field in order to continue education in Italy.

Italiano or la lingua Italiana. It is a branch of Latin language. It is quite similar to Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese language. Italian language is the official language of Italy, San Mario, and part of Switzerland, Somalia, Slovenia, Vatican and Istria town in Croatia. Italian courses in Sokhan Sarayan Institute.

Sokhan Sarayan Institute launched its activities in 1382 since then it has been active in the field of Italian language by the help of its experienced Education team and the newest educational methods. In recent years, it has had the highest approval statistics in Esfahan province. In 1394, Succeeded in obtaining the official representative of International University of Perugia ( because of its brilliant records), Italy ,to hold an examination and grant an international Italian language certificates to students.

Education method is based on Espresso books (new version) in 3 levels, 1, 2 and 3 (A1 to B1). You have to take a test at the end of each level.
As we mentioned earlier, higher level classed, exam preparation courses in B2 – C2 levels, will be held. Subsequently Students can participate in the test. If they accept, they will receive a degree from the University of Perugia.

Mario bali and locianoziglho are the authors of Espresso book which is published by Alma edizione Florence for non-Italian ones in 2002. This book consists of Audio CD to improve students’ listening and speaking.

At the end of the third level, you can easily speak in different conditions. This book is enriched with idioms, Italian culture and customs. Conversation class will be held at the end of these three levels. (For interested students) Continuing education in Italy.

Italy is the first European country in terms of ease of entry for students. Polytechnic, pad ova and the University of Naples Federico II are the best universities in Italy.

Student Visa Conditions

Before you apply for a student visa, you have to pass Italian language courses and get a passing grade in an international test. This test will be held by the University of Perugia in Sokhan Sarayan institute in Isfahan.

It should be noted that having this document is only for getting Visa. You need necessity documents in order to enter university. Italian language certificate required for admission to valid Italian universities is at least B1 level.

Higher education

Italian university studies are organized in 3 cycles:

1st cycle - it Includes lessons and training courses. The university grant Diploma University (DU) to you.

2nd cycle – it includes 4 to 6 years college courses. The university grant Diploma Di Laurea (DL) to you.

3rd cycle –it includes specializes and research courses. Di Specializazione (DS) for specialized courses and Dottorato di Ricerca (DR) for research courses will be granted.

Students can apply to Italian Universities only if they have an educational qualification that allows them to will be high school diploma (Diploma di Maturita) for local students. It is possible for High school diploma from other countries to get into universityafter passing the university entrance exam. University academic system in Italy is annually.

In 1998, Applicants with a high school diploma by completing a special form and send to Ministry of Science and Technology (MURST) would receive permission to enter university.

Entrance Exam

If you know Italian language, you won’t face with so much problems. It will be so easy for Iranian students. Time, location and articles of exam will be varied based on selected university and major. The best way is referring to university website. As usual, it will hold at the end of summer. It is possible to get detailed information relating to the conduct of the entrance exam on the university website about a month and a half before starting.

Paying desired amount based on account number which is provided by the University. Bank deposit receipt and identification card (passport) will be needed at the time of exam. For getting more information, you can visit SegreteriaStranieri or segreteriaSorta. Entrance exam information will be varied in each usually uses the word of Bando di Concorso. You can get more information by searching in this part and selecting your major.

Essential Documents for M.A and B.A applicants (continuous):

Translating diploma and pre-university into Italian language and academic scores plus its copy (only pre-university temporary degree will be acceptable).

For old system students: translating Diploma and academic scores plus its copy
It is possible to absorb new students with pre-university degree or higher in one of the mentioned levels. The first requirement to get student visa is familiar with Italian language.
Students who passed non-attendance exam, they take an action to deliver their documents.

So they are in the process of getting visa:

Essential Documents for non-attendance and attendance students:
A valid identity card or passport with visa (1 year credit)
Principle of graduation degree (pre-university, A.A degree, B.A, M.A)
Documentary proof to show your parents or any other person are able to pay its cost in Italy
Notice: there isn’t any inquiry for this document.
Essential Documents for M.A applicants (discontinuous):

Translating B.A plus academic scores (4 years of education)in Italian language Translating Graduate courses taken into English or Italian language
Essential Documents for all applicants: Translating ID card into Italian language plus its copy (with reliable translator who are determined by Embassy)

Copying of all translated documents and also Persian ones

3 photos (3*4) with full endorsement in Latin
Copying of the first page of passport

Coping of registered guaranty and all financial document
Personal resume (they will mention it if they have already gotten student visa)
E-mail Address
Signing MIUR page by student

Notice: Students who have received degrees fromhigh schools or universities abroad (not Iranian high schools abroad) must hand over their documents to the Italian embassy of the same country so as to confirm and get Academic Worth (dichiarazione di valore)

Top Italian Universities

A: first group (superior)

1Universita de glistudi di  PERUGIA
2Universita de glistudi di BOLOGNA
3Universita de glistudi di CAGLIARI
4Universita de glistudi di CATANIA
5Universita de glistudi di FERRARA
6Universita de glistudi di FIRENZE
7Universita de glistudi di GENOVA
8-Universita de glistudi di MILANo
9Politecnico di MILANO
10Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - MILANO
11-Universita de glistudi "Federico II" di NAPOLI
12-Universita de glistudi di PADOVA
13-Universita de glistudi di PALERMO
14Universita de glistudi di PARMA
15Universita de glistudi di PAVIA
-16Universita de glistudi di BARI
17Universita de glistudi di PISA
18Universita de glistudi di ROMA "La Sapienza"
19Universita de glistudi di SIENA
20Universita de glistudi di TORINO
21Polite cnico di TORINO
22-Universita de glistudi di TRIESTE

B: Second group (good)

1Universita de gliStudi di Trento
2Universita'' DegliStudi di Urbino (University of Urbino)
3Universita'' DegliStudi di Verona (University of verona)
4Universita'' DegliStudi di Roma Tor Vergata (University of Roma Tor Vergata)
5Universita'' De gliStudi di Sassari (University of Sassari)
6Scuola Superiore ''Sant'' Anna'' di Studi Universita ri e Perfezionamento
7Universita'' degli Studi di Udine (University of Udine)

Common questions:

How to get scholarship?

It is based on their family economic condition. (for example: Rental homes and low income)
Translation of the lease is approved by the Ministry of Justice

Translation of father’s pay slip (in the case of low income) and getting to the embassy
After verification of documents by the embassy, you must submit the documents to the relevant authorities in order to get scholarship in turn. You are awarded a scholarship for a year. It will be extended in case of passing the courses.

Is it possible to get M.A with Iranian universities B.A?

In this case, there are many variables. Some of the universities will accept some units and try to match units. You must pass the rest of the courses to graduate. Some universities won’t accept your credits. On the other hand, some accept.
So, it is better to correspond with that university in order to know terms of education.

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