Isfahan, via Tohid nº 147

About us

Thank you for choosing Sokhan Sarayan as your language institute.

Sokhan Sarayan launched its activities in 1381 and since then it has active in the field of designing various English Language courses. We have experienced teachers in carrying out new teaching methods, having precise documented and programming in offering functional courses, keeping educational quality and standards and estimating progress report.



Licensed by Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Since the beginning of 2016, Succeeded in obtaining the official representative of International University of Perugia, Italy to hold an examination and grant an international Italian language certificates to students.

Granting of valid certificate in English conversation minoring in tourism from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance

Licensed by governor’s office to grant valid certificate to government employees

Granting of diploma in intermediate and advanced levels


Facilities and equipment:

Language laboratory (wireless)

Utilizing LCD and computer in classes

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